Repair and Refurbishment

We are contracted to carry out an enormous amount of swimming pool repair and refurbishment work every year. This can range from swimming pool tile re-grouting through to new swimming pool liners and complete swimming pool area overhauls.

Swimming Pool Refurbishment

Our team of experienced engineers are extremely adept at dealing with the many various types of refurbishment projects. We can also provide you with a vast amount of renewable energy solutions that will save you some serious money in the long term.

We are constantly looking around the market to see what new products are being launched and we are at the fore-front of keeping our clients informed of the latest developments which can give your swimming pool that 'WOW' factor. If your swimming pool is looking tired and needs some attention, get in touch with us to discuss your options.

Swimming Pool Repair

Every swimming pool at some stage will need repair work carried out to it. Whether this is due to unexplained loss of water or a noisy pump, we have more than likely experienced it before. Our engineers pride themselves on being able to diagnose problems quickly and efficiently by using tried and tested methods. This reduces our time on site which means less of an expense for you. Once we have managed to diagnose the fault, we then discuss this with you and present you with options to get the issue resolved.

We try our utmost to repair the fault whist on-site but occasionally this may lead to further visits. Give our team a call today and we can prioritise your repair to ensure that the problems are resolved with minimum disruption to you.

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