Welcome to our Wellness Range

We all need time to relax and soothe away the stresses of life...

Just think about slipping into a spa where the water is a constant 37 degrees celcius and letting the jets massage individual parts of your body whilst enjoying time with family and friends.

How about stepping into a scandanavian designed sauna made from kiln dried wood where the dry heat from the sauna stove opens your pores and allows your body to remove toxins through your skin to leave you feeling fresh and invigorated? Smell the fragrant gum that oozes from the wood over time and gives you a truly original sauna experience.

Alternatively, you may prefer the moist heat produced in a steam room. The steam can be used with different fragrances which aids in opening up your airways and allowing you to breath easier and relax. Increased blood circulation will also ease tired and aching muscles and joints - particularly beneficial after a hard work-out!

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