Chlorine Gas Leak Detectors

Chlorine Gas Leak Detectors

Ensuring health and safety whenever chlorine is involved should be of paramount importance to those within the leisure industry.

Signature Pools and Leisure can supply quality, low cost, fixed chlorine gas leak detectors for use in both small or large swimming pool plant rooms.

The sensors are highly reliable in detecting harmful and toxic substances in the air to keep you, your staff and clients protected at all times. The monitors can be fixed to the wall anywhere and can have multiple alarm points around your building.

When it comes to safety, you can never be too careful!

CO2 Gas Alarm System

CO2 gas detection kit (inc. main panel + 1 x Alarm/Repeater Unit inc. 9m cable. Suitable for use in monitoring gas storage and plant room areas, particularly below ground spaces where CO2 gas may accumulate.

Fixed Detectors for Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide or Ozone

chloriGAS® is the cost effective solution to monitoring a single toxic gas. Ideal for use in applications such as gas hazard detection in swimming pools, gas monitoring in theme parks and industrial plant room gas detection. chloriGAS provides clear indication of gas hazards in a simple to use package.

The chloriGAS® range of gas detectors has been specifically designed to meet your requirements. The dangers presented by toxic gases vary with each application. For similar products to monitor gas levels, take a look at our gas detection range.

Cost effective solution to simple gas detection problems

  • Easy to use, one button operation
  • Integrated indicators and sounder
  • Alarm and fault relays for switching external devices Low cost
  • Normal or fail-safe relay operation
  • Simple installation with minimum maintenance