Swimming Pool UV Systems

An ultraviolet (UV) swimming pool system uses the power of ultraviolet light to enable pool and spa owners to lower the chemical content and eliminate chlorine byproducts, making pools safer, healthier and easier to maintain. UV swimming pools systems destroy pathogens that enter your water and reduce the need for chemicals. It is imperative that the UV system operates at optimum intensity; regular servicing is therefore required by specialists.

At Signature Pools & Leisure we offer a comprehensive specification plan, installation service and maintenance programme for your UV systems.

Embracing UV will be a welcome change for swimmers and the environment!

swimming pool uv system

UV Swim and SwimLine ranges has been providing bather protection in the leisure industry for over 30 years. Used as both a secondary disinfection system and for the removal of Chloramines a UV system is the ideal partner for a chlorinated pool.

Ideal because it easily deals with chlorine resistant organisms such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia which are responsible for very unpleasant gastric infections, and it removes Chloramines responsible for sore eyes and respiratory problems.

Anyone who has experienced swimming in a UV treated swimming pool will tell you how bright and clear the water is and how there are none of those acrid smell associated with Chlorine.